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Cessna Composite Fairings

What Makes Stene Aviation, Inc. Composite Aircraft Parts Such An Excellent Value?


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  • The most complete line-up of FAA PMA'd Cessna composite fairings, Including: Cessna Wing Tips, Strut Cuffs, Fin Caps, Rudder Caps, Tip Fairings, Wheel Pants, Stabilitor Tips, and much more.
  • Nearly 5 times stronger than factory originals with no weight increase.
  • Exact replacements of original equipment means easy installation.
  • Money back GUARANTEE if not completely satisfied! "If the part does not fit we will replace it."  We strive for providing excellent factory direct customer support.
  • Discounts for FBO's and quantity orders.
  • Supporting Cessna aircraft for over 30 years.
  • We are not a RESELLER.  We develop, engineer, and manufacturer all of our parts here in Northwest Montana.
  • We do not just know airplanes, we are active pilots and certified A&P's with Chief Inspector authorization, FAA C.R.S. DMHR240D.



  • SPLIT STRUT CUFFS, We now have a split version of our popular strut cuffs for all Cessna models from 150's up through 207's.  Call for more information: 800.597.1911

Stene Aviation has been manufacturing composite Cessna aircraft parts for over 25 years.  We are the number one provider of PMA'd Cessna Wing Tips, Wheel Pants, Strut Cuffs, Fin Caps, Rudder Caps, Elevator tips, Horizontal tips, and Stabilator tips.  Our line-up is the most inclusive found outside of Cessna and includes all Cessna single engine models. 

If you do not see a specific part listed, please call. There is a good chance that we do have it.

Stene Aviation, Inc.

Telephone: (406)883-6244
Toll Free: (800)597-1911
Fax: (406)883-2389

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